"Rock’n’roll has changed immensely over the decades. Each new batch of artists finds a new way to place their spin on a timeless genre. Complicate/Simple has found that their unique stamp on rock is merging elements we’ve come to love from the past, with new-aged techniques to create a smooth and tasteful sound.

The Phoenix, AZ group has been grinding since 2014 and their years of blood, sweat, and tears have proved that they have the moxie to make it in the world of rock’n’roll. Their latest single and accompanying music video, “Heart On Her Sleeve” was released earlier this month and has been making a splash on radio stations both in and out of the United States. The track is catchy, hooking the listener upon the opening chords, setting them up for a nostalgic ride through rock’n’roll. Complicate/Simple are truly creating the music they were made to make, and “Heart On Her Sleeve” proves just that." - Keith Pro - Indie Band Guru


"Song writing for us is an in-the-moment experience. I usually write about real-life experiences, past or present, hopes, aspirations, afflictions and more. I not only find great joy in musical composition and the final product output, but also in the inner healing it offers to one’s soul.” - Michael Lazar - Pass The Indie

Complicate/Simple lives up to their name. At once they are alternative and mainstream, eclectic and rock. They borrow from the past, yet their originality stands out in today's music scene. The band explores raw themes like addiction and suicide as well as empowering topics about healing and overcoming obstacles.” - Indie Music Interviews 

Update: Complicate/Simple added to permanent rotation on WNIR Radio - We are excited to announce that our new single, “Heart on Her Sleeve” will be airing on WNIR (National Indie Radio) worldwide for Valentine’s Day. The song will be in rotation daily starting at 7:30 PM for the duration of February, and will remain in rotation thereafter. - Indie Music Reporter 


"I think that being an artist has a multifarious and tenacious appeal. It begins with a melody or an idea that you get in your head or a smooth lick that you bust out on the guitar that just stays with you. From there, a song slowly envelops in your mind and before you know it, you’ve got some new material to play around with. After that, the drive to develop, fine-tune and hone that material kicks in. This leads to the joy of recording—where you get to work with industry experts who help you cement the song/idea that you’ve brought into the recording studio. Once the recording has taken place, you get to experience the rush of performing it on the live stage for your fans. It’s truly an invigorating experience from start to finish." Mike Lazar - Indie Spoonful

“Complicate/Simple's songs range on their coverage of a wide topic set, including messages about drug and sex addiction, shame, healing, overcoming unbeatable odds, loss, death, suicide, depression and finding one’s true path in life. Complicate/Simple may not have just arrived. But they’ve had half a decade to mold, hone and create an identifiable tone with a precision sound and superb delivery. Their unique flavor of rock and roll offers an eclectic mix of alternative, rock, punk and mainstream, blended with the perfect concoction of uniqueness.” Lifoti Magazine

"'Vignette' represents Complicate Simple's best, and it's a nice gateway drug to their intoxicating sound. There's a magic in their musical darkness right from the start with the bass, guitar, and drums immediately painting a picture with their riffs alone, before Michael Jon's fascinating vocals come in and add the imagery to the entire portrait. "Mitchell Hillman, Phoenix New Times


“Complicate/Simple play an eclectic brand of alternative-rock, incorporating elements of punk, jazz, heavy metal, funk and prog while channeling the drama of early Pearl Jam on the anthemic “R3WIND.” They’re releasing an album called “Blue,” whose highlights range from the jagged guitars of “Complicated” to the effortless pop hooks and crunchy guitar groove of “Penny." Ed Masley, Arizona Republic


"Complicate Simple has just arrived. They deliver a serenade of alternative rock and roll that makes you want to listen. And listen I did, as did the chanting throngs of concert goers who made their way out to support this new and rising group." - Daisy Fromkin,  AZ Culture Magazine

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